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9 Aug 2014 Finland is the birthplace of a wonderful tool. The Mehu-Liisa extracts juice from fruit using steam and is a great time-saver for any serious gardener who likes to work in the kitchen with their harvest. My apples are 'organic by default' and that means they're not perfect. I usually make applesauce with them,
INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAINTENANCE - Wash the parts of the steam juice extractor before taking into use and after each use with warm water and washing-up liquid. For more effective cleaning washing soda can be used. - Remove the precipitates caused by water from the water part by boiling sour berries (e.g. red
1 cup sugar (optional), omit if using juice for jelly. Wash cherries, removing any debris. Put into steamer basket. Sprinkle sugar over if used. Cover and steam over high heat for 1 hour. Drain hot juice into hot sterilized bottles or jars following standard directions. Seal with Mehu-Maija bottle caps or two- part lids as directed.
Extracting juice. Fill the water pot with water and place the j nice and berry contai- ners on top. Rinse the berries and lightly fill the berry container. You can if you wish sprinkle sugar among the layers of berries at this stage, Place the lid on top and put the juicer on the stove, Set the cooker to high to begin with but reduce the
9 Oct 2012 This recipe for homemade, low-sugar grape juice includes step-by-step instructions for the versatile Mehu-Liisa steam juicer.
28 Jul 2013
11 Sep 2010 After a lot of research on steam juice extractors I decided to purchase the Mehu-Liisa. It arrived yesterday and I was anxious to give it a try with grapes I have harvested. Unfortunately, there aren't any instructions other than the vague ones on pages 8-9 in the Mehu-Liisa Cookbook that was enclosed.
The extracted juice should then be measured and transferred in to a jam pan, or the bottom pan of the Mehu-Liisa Steamer is ideal for this purpose. Add sugar according to your recipe and cook until setting point is reached. Pour into clean, hot jars and seal immediately. Herb jellies are easy to make by adding herbs of your
Mehu-Liisa is an effective steam juice extractor, food press and steamer of berries, fruit and vegetables. The parts of the steam juice extractor made of stainless steel fit tightly together. Due to the spacious juice part it is not possible for the juice to flow to the water part. A thick bottom secures steady and effective energy use.
Here is a FREE download copy of our Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer cookbook: Mehu Liisa Steam Juicer Cookbook The cookbook is based on an earlier version by Beatrice Ojakangas. At this time, the information in the cookbook is useful but a bit outdated. The Mehu-Liisa has been redesigned recently and processing times